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Designer Circle – Blogger Application

 Designer Circle – Need Bloggers!

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.:: Designer Circle ::. is a Platform for SL Designers and a Bi-Weekly event since 2011, that offers limited-time deals several items from each participating designer with prices between 50 and 200 L$. There are many bargains to find — but you’ll need to act quick! The Products will be put up on Saturday after 8AM PDT, stay for 12 Days on Sale and will be send back to the Designers to make Space for the following Collection.

We are looking for good and reliable bloggers for our Event. Because we place great value on quality :-)

The following rules must be met:

▶ Your Blog must exist at least 3 months and has to be updated
regularly [ at least 3 times per week]
▶ We accept only ONE person from a team of bloggers.
▶ Your Blog must be syndicated to at least 3 feeds.
▶ Your blog link should be in your profile.
▶ There has to be a search option on your blog or a Labels/tab.
▶ You must be reliable. This is very important for us.
▶ The pictures in your blog must have a high quality.
▶ Please not post before the new round starts.
▶ Please do NOT use our vendorpics for your blog.
[ that would be to easy and has nothing to do with creativity! ]
▶ Please don´t use makeup that doesn not come with the skins
or a burner tool ..this changes the skins too much, so they are no longer recognizable.
▶ You must blog 5 products of the current collection in the acutally round.
More posts are of course allowed.
▶ In your post must be visible which is the current round (for example Round 122).
▶ If possible using a date in your post.
▶ After the round has ended, you can send all posts on a notecard with your name and link to your blog and preferably also to the designers you blogged (is not mandatory).
▶ Please don´t send any posts for individual Products! It would make more sense to combine multiple posts to a larger group message. So we avoid annoying the Designers by too many messages. Important messages will be lost. The group chat is reserved for important issues of our Designers.
▶ Please don´t blog the products at the end of the current round and
most certainly not after the current round closed !
▶ Please do not alter the original color by editing the images.
The pictured skin or clothing otherwise does not correspond to the
genuine product.
▶ Our .:: DESIGNER CIRCLE ::. logo must be visible on your blog.
▶ Its Important to be in this Group to receive Bloggerpacks !
▶Pls use our Facbook Page:
and Facbook group:
▶If you haven’t stuck to the rules, we will be forced to remove [ without previous warning ] you from the Blogger group, this in the best interest of the designers.

▶ At the end of the current round all bloggers and blogs will be checked again.

▶ If these points apply to you and If you are interested, please fill out this Application with the following informations and send it back to our Blogger-Manager Marian Dufaux … she will reply as soon as possible ◀

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